LITSoN Feedback Request

Following the UKWP meetings in July the LITSoN team are targeting feedback on the initiative.

LITSoN Background and Concept – is to understand the linkage between Societal Needs and the pipeline of innovation – including funding. The pipeline we talk about is the potential future pipeline of ‘disruptive’ innovation.

The latest update on LITSoN can be accessed at the following link: LITSoN_Update_UKWP_16th_July

The team would like to understand your feedback on the following key questions:

  1. How is the presentation of the connectivity networks useful for you?
  2. How would you like to see the WaSC/WOC research projects aligning to the UKWIR Big 11 Questions i.e. would you like to see the weighted impact graph of the UKWIR 11 Big Questions for each water company?
  3. From the UKWIR 11 Big Questions, what are the 3 critical questions to analyse? What are you interested in finding out?
  4. What would you like to see as the key focus of the report: connectivity networks, innovation pipeline or how innovation projects are addressing the Big Questions?
  5. Is there one extra area of analysis you would like to see in the report?
  6. What would you like a future phase of LITSoN to address?
  7. How do you intend to use LITSoN?

If possible could feedback please be returned by 31 July 2018 to Cristina Negut ([email protected]).

The LITSoN draft analysis can also be accessed at the link below, please contact Andrew Shimmin ([email protected]) for permission.

The UK Water Partnership Business Plan 2018/19

The UK Water Partnership Business plan for 2018/19 aims to:

  • Action the Vision and Strategy for the UKWP, driving the Water First agenda;
  • Combine and integrate each working  stream of operation within the UKWP;
  • Assist with the delivery of each initiative;
  • Develop a plan to engage key stakeholders and the Leadership Council

As we focus our efforts in 2018/19 the UK faces three major water challenges:

  • Managing our national and global water security;
  • Flood and drought risk from increasing extreme weather events;
  • Maintaining the affordability of our water and sewerage services.

Based on these drivers we are focused on further accelerating our offering to our members in 2017/18 as we seek to strengthen our relationship with Her Majesty’s Government.

Future success depends on continuing financial and a time commitment from the UKWP partners and our members

Link: The UK Water Partnership – Business Plan 2018



Catalysing Innovation in the Water Industry

The UKWP, Arup, Apsara Capital, and Twenty65 co-funded a study to identify whether the UK would benefit from a ‘Water Innovation Accelerator Programme’.

In summary, the process begun in early 2017 with a desktop study and 40 interviews throughout the water industry. Second phase looked at exploring a pilot phase. Through this process UKWP created a schematic for what this would look like, including potential partnerships.

The summary report which captures the following can be found at the link below:

  • Key findings;
  • Recommendations to catalyse innovation for the Water Utility;
  • How is innovation currently managed in water utilities;
  • Water innovation audit framework.

Link: Catalysing Innovation in the Water Industry