A private-public partnership

  • The UK Water Partnership is based on a sustainably-funded private-public model that delivers in three key areas – innovation, development and growth

Leadership Council

  • The Partnership is governed by a Leadership Council that acts as an advocate for the sector, as well as providing critical challenge in key areas to promote excellence across the board.

To deliver the vision of UK Water Partnership, three distinct delivery groups have been formed:

  • Research and Innovation delivery group – will include UK funders, providers, managers and end users of research. They will all have a strong interest in identifying longer-term needs for translation and research, whether fundamental or applied.
  • Development and Implementation delivery group – will include organisations driving innovation to improve UK and global water security and resilience.
  • Commercialisation and Economic Growth delivery group –  will include organisations aiming to grow the economic and export potential of the UK’s water sector.

You can find information on the current memberships of the Leadership Council and Delivery Groups here (pdf)

Structure graphic