Business and Economy

An UKWRIP task force led by Mark Lane of Pinsent Masons produced the report Tapping the Potential: a fresh view of UK water technology. This led to the development of the UK Water Partnership, launched in February 2015.


A task force led by Tony Rachwal (independent, ex Thames Water) with Hans Jensen of UKWIR ran a workshop on infrastructure water needs. The report is available here: Water Infrastructure Innovation Workshop May 2012 Final Report (pdf) The task force identified key areas for research and innovation – some of which are being addressed in EPSRC’s Assessing […]

Domestic Water Use

A task force led by Jacob Tomkins of Waterwise led to a workshop and report on domestic water use. The aim of this ‘House of the Future’ project was to examine the social, financial and cultural barriers to the uptake of water efficient technology in homes. The workshop report is available here.