HR Wallingford General Purpose (GP) Flume

The GP Flume is a volumetric flow flume with certified volumetric measurement capability.

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The GP Flume is a volumetric flow flume with certified volumetric measurement capability. It is unique in the UK in terms of its size (25 m long x 2.4 m wide, operating depth 0.3-0.7 m) and flow measurement accuracy (±0.2%). Using the volume-time approach to measure flow rates, which is generally acknowledged to be the most accurate means available, it enables high accuracy data for the development of Standards. The flume is capable of generating flows up to 0.28 m3/s.

Credit picture: © HR Wallingford

Type of Facility

  • Specialist facility.
  • Pilot facility.
  • Physical rigs.
  • ‘Soft’ facility – for computer based modelling etc.
  • Testing/demonstration facility.

Comments: There is a range of capabilities and facilities that can be provided from the construction of bespoke physical models to computer based simulations, together with specialist rigs such as flumes.


  • Storage.
  • Industrial.
  • Drinking water.
  • Other.

Other: Raw water. Calibration and testing of flow measurement instruments and devices.

Stream QualityRiver water (abstracted from boreholes and chlorinated but not to drinking water status); tap water also available.

Type of Technologies that can be tested

  • Monitoring.
  • Measuring.
  • Sensing.
  • Other.

Other: Storage and drainage.

Availability For Use By Others

The flume is available for use by others, usually being run by our technical staff, although the facility has occasionally been used by clients with minimal support from us.

Cost of Use By Others
Negotiable depending on type of study and duration.

Willingness To Partner
We undertake both commercial work and research studies internally funded in this facility and are open to consider partnerships that do not compromise our commercial work.

Ambitions For Development
The facility is fully operational.

Mobile Pilot Plants


Other Information

The GP Flume has been recently used for validation of measuring instruments (velocity, depth and flows); for research leading to British and International Standards on flow measurement (e.g. weir gauging structures); testing of hydraulic structures and scour.

Services and Capacity

Flow rate: 0.004 – 0.280 m3s.

Area: 25m long by 2.4m wide.

Power supply: 240V.

Access limited to small vehicles

Status of the Facility

  • Currently operating and resourced with services, staff etc.

Access to Facility

Available to others.

Contact details

Address: HR Wallingford, Howbery Park, Wallingford, Oxfordshire , OX10 8BA.


Contact Name: Manuela Escarameia/ Dr Keith Powell.

Contact Tel: 01491 835381.

Email: [email protected]

Additional Assets

Two electromagnetic flow meters, one for each pump pipeline. Bespoke micrometer point gauges (measuring to ±0.01 mm) for measurement of water levels are available for studies requiring higher accuracy.


  • Private company.

Funding Partners: No.

Regulatory issues / constraints

  • Limited discharge to environment.

Comments: Water normally recycled though can be bled off / replenished.

Relevant Accreditation:
The volumetric tank (for flow measurement) has BSI accreditation. The flows are limited to 0.170 m3/s when using the volumetric tank.

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