Scottish Water Gorthleck Water Treatment TS

Type of Facility


  • Pilot facility.
  • Physical rigs.
  • Large facility.
  • Testing/demonstration facility.
  • Live site.

Comments: Water treatment works, not connected to distribution or to customers.



Drinking water

  • Stream Quality: Raw water is upland sourced, colour range (4 to 147 based on 6 year analysis); x-n hazen, pH 5.8 to 7.3 based on 6 year analysis, TSS/Turbidity Turbidity range 0.2 to 2.15 based on 6 year analysis.

Type of Technologies that can be tested


  • Transforming (treatment).
  • Monitoring.
  • Measuring.
  • Sensing.

Availability For Use By Others

By agreement. Confidentiality will be respected and this may restrict access to third parties.

Cost of Use By Others
Access is provided as a service, space is rented by the week, and minimum period is 4 weeks, additional services at additional charge. Guide is £950 p/week as baseline charge.

Willingness To Partner
Yes, open to discuss longer term arrangements.

Ambitions For Development
Facility will be developed to meet growing needs and user feedback.

Mobile Pilot Plants

Nothing specific, but arrangements could be made.

Services and Capacity

  • Flow rate :
    1.5 litre p/s – flow meter on inlet * 8 bar down to 2 bar after pre’s.
  • Area :
    2 of (3m x 2m – approx), 2 of (3m x 4m – approx).
  • Number of test units :
  • Power supply :
    240v, 110v, 3 phase.
  • Full access to all sizes of plant.

Comments: May be some restriction on road access to very large plant.

Status of the Facility

  • Currently operating and resourced with services, staff etc.

Comments: Site is a water treatment works that is not connected to customers, it does not have an active water treatment process operating but options to set this up are available.

Access to Facility


  • Available to others

CommentsAccess is provided as a commercial service, test plant is operated by site staff, and arrangements can be made for supplier staff to have access and to support the operation of plant. A contract will be set up and a number of criteria will need to be fulfilled by the supplier.

Additional Assets

Sampling and off-site analysis can be arranged (UKAS accredited) as can a number of other support services.

Scottish Water Gorthleck

Contact details

Address: Wester Aberchalder, Nr Inverness, Scotland, IV2 6UJ.

Website: Through HNWiS

Contact Name: Heather Campbell.

Contact Tel: 07501 471741.

Contact Email: [email protected]

Regulatory issues / constraints


Comments: Water normally recycled though can be bled off / replenished.

Relevant Accreditation: Site operates under Scottish Water Horizons ISO accreditation.

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