Thames Water Arborfield STW WWI & WWNI Test Facility

Access to sewage flow from Inlet works and throughout the wastewater treatment process (e.g. settled sewage, final effluent) for temporary testing of equipment (e.g. flow monitors, flushing gates etc) and technologies. Various tanks available for pilot plant testing. On site mess room / toilets & potential lab space.

Type of Facility


  • Pilot facility.
  • Physical rigs.
  • Testing/demonstration facility.
  • Live site.



  • Wastewater.

Comments: Usual feed is post screens, pre primary settlement and settled sewage, however this can be altered if necessary.

Type of Technologies that can be tested


  • Transforming (treatment).
  • Monitoring.
  • Measuring.
  • Sensing.

Comments: Pilot facility compound can be set up for any of this testing as required.

Availability For Use By Others

Yes is available.

Cost of Use By Others
Project specific.

Willingness To Partner

Ambitions For Development
Yes we would invest in its development if the need is there and benefits Thames Water.

Other Info
Arborfield test facility has been used for:- Flushing gate testing, demonstration of sewer RTC off-line, Outfall screen testing, monitors/alarms, process evaluation (e.g. IFAS, lamella clarifier).

Services and Capacity


  • Area :
    Approx 220m2
  • Lower range: 100mm feed pipe.
  • Number of test units :
    Can be modified.
  • Power supply.
  • Full access to all sizes of plant.

Comments: Toilets & mess room and former lab facility available on site.

Status of the Facility


  • Historic facility not currently in use.

Comments: Currently not is use however compound kept by Innovation as pilot facility as projects arise. Lab facility etc can easily be restored for use when required.

Access to Facility

  • Available to others.

Comments: Available for hire, is on a TW operational site therefore passes/training will be required to work/visit the site.

Contact details

Address: Arborfield STW, Wood Lane, Reading, Berkshire, RG41 4TS.


Contact Name: Rachel Cunningham.

Contact Tel: 07747 640001.

Email: [email protected]

Regulatory issues / constraints

  • No constraints – All discharges go to sewer.


  • Research centre

Comments: Thames Water, Innovation Department.

Funding Partners


Supported by:

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