Thames Water Old Ford Water Recycling Plant

Old Ford Water Recycling Plant mines and treats raw sewage from the Northern Outfall sewer to supply reclaimed water to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London through a dedicated non-potable network for non-potable water applications only (toilet flushing and irrigation).

Type of Facility

  • Other: Small facility.

Old Ford is a small treatment facility.



  • Distribution.
  • Wastewater.

Comments: Old Ford mines raw sewage and treat it for non-potable reuse applications through a dedicated non-potable network.

Type of Technologies that can be tested


  • Transforming (treatment)

Comments: The raw sewage is treated through septic tanks, 1 mm screens, a membrane bioreactor and granular activated carbon filters. Sodium hypochlorite is dosed for disinfection, polyaluminium chloride is dosed on the return activated sludge to control phosphorus concentration.

Availability For Use By Others

Not available.

Cost of Use By Others
Not available.

Willingness To Partner
We are currently working with different partners to carry out our research on-site. Old Ford is also a demonstration plant for the DEMOWARE project, funded by the EU under FP7. 

Ambitions For Development
A pilot plant will be implemented on-site to assess different technologies for indirect potable reuse. The influent of the pilot plant will be the MBR effluent of Old Ford. 

Mobile Pilot Plants


Services and Capacity


  • Flow rate :
    574 m3/day.
  • Access limited to small vehicles.

Status of the Facility


  • Currently operating and resourced with services, staff etc.

Access to Facility

  • Available to others.

hames Water Old Ford Water Recycling Plant

Regulatory issues / constraints


  • Other

Comments: Requirement to meet 40 water quality parameters. The consents for the reclaimed water quality are based on USEPA guidelines for unrestricted urban use, with some consents designed to meet end users requirements.



  • Private company.

Funding Partners
The plant operation and maintenance is funded by Thames Water.

Supported by:

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