Thames Water Rapid Gravity filter rig

Five distinct rapid gravity filter pilot rigs, containing a total of 21 RGF columns ranging in diameter from 150mm to 500mm. Seven large diameter columns fully automated with data logging and on demand backwashing. Twelve smaller diameter manually operated filters. Logging Flow, turbidity, chlorophyll a, and particle size analysis.  

Type of Facility


  • Pilot facility.
  • Physical rigs.
  • Testing/demonstration facility.



  • Drinking water.

Comments: Designed for use with reservoir stored lowland water derived from River Thames (roughing filtration). Four filters are part of the ozone / DAF rig for polishing filtration. 

Type of Technologies that can be tested


  • Transforming (treatment).

Availability For Use By Others

Prefer collaborative research with a University, sharing costs.

Cost of Use By Others
To be discussed.

Willingness To Partner
Yes, high. 

Ambitions For Development
Part of a small pilot WTW including coagulation, flotation and filtration.

Mobile Pilot Plants

Services and Capacity


  • Flow rate :
    3 to 30 l/m giving up to 15 m/h approach velocity.
  • Number of test units :
  • Power supply :
    Any up to 440v.
  • Full access to all sizes of plant.
  • Services and Capacity Area: 0.017 to 0.19 m2.

Status of the Facility

  • Currently operating and resourced with services, staff etc.
  • Other.

Other: Final 4 filters will be commissioned and automated in 2016.

Access to Facility


  • Available to others.

Comments: Prefer collaborative research with a University, sharing costs.

Contact details

Address: Kempton Park Water Treatment Works, Snakey Lane, Feltham, Middlesex, TW13 6XH.


Contact Name: Dr Michael Chipps.

Contact Tel: 07747 640299.

Contact Email: [email protected]

Regulatory issues / constraints

  • No constraints – All discharges go to sewer.



  • Research centre.
  • Private company.

Comments: Homemade facility.

Funding Partners

Wholly funded by Thames Water.

Supported by:

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