The UK Water Partnership Business Plan 2018/19

The UK Water Partnership Business plan for 2018/19 aims to:

  • Action the Vision and Strategy for the UKWP, driving the Water First agenda;
  • Combine and integrate each working  stream of operation within the UKWP;
  • Assist with the delivery of each initiative;
  • Develop a plan to engage key stakeholders and the Leadership Council

As we focus our efforts in 2018/19 the UK faces three major water challenges:

  • Managing our national and global water security;
  • Flood and drought risk from increasing extreme weather events;
  • Maintaining the affordability of our water and sewerage services.

Based on these drivers we are focused on further accelerating our offering to our members in 2017/18 as we seek to strengthen our relationship with Her Majesty’s Government.

Future success depends on continuing financial and a time commitment from the UKWP partners and our members

Link: The UK Water Partnership – Business Plan 2018