LITSoN Review of innovation in UK water utilities

The LITSoN project is producing a database of innovation relevant to the UK water sector. It will accelerate uptake of new solutions by water companies through improved collaboration and by identifying multi-regional opportunities for the supply chain. Water companies representing over 80% of the market undertook a successful pilot in 2017 and have committed to using LITSoN to help coordinate their innovation programmes and target engagement with suppliers and academic partners.

The database will be a primary source for identifying innovative solutions in the UK water sector, accessible to all UKWIR members – and participants. As such it will also provide market information on water company needs that are not being met by existing products and services, and to identify new collaborative partnerships.

We encourage you to share details of your research, product development and innovation projects with LITSoN, through completing a brief survey. Submissions will be reviewed before adding to the database. In return those projects will be shared with clients across the water industry, and you will receive access to the database, managed by the UK Water Partnership.

Please enter details of your innovation projects and return to Louise Smith by 30th March.

The details for the LITSoN survey and LITSoN Q&A sessions can be found at the following:


LITSoN 1b Survey             LITSoN Q&A sessions

LITSoN Guidance Video