UKCRIC @ Newcastle University: Green Infrastructure, SUDS, Building as a Lab and Urban Observatory Research Facilities

This facility is located on Science Central within, and outside, Newcastle University’s new state of the art Urban Sciences Building. The facility comprises a number of research and demonstrator components that provide infrastructure for testing of novel sustainable urban drainage (SUDS) technologies, Green Infrastructure (GI) and Natural Flood Management techniques. Experiments can test individual components or as part of a ‘treatment train’. The laboratory extends to the ‘Building as a Lab’ (experiments and high resolution monitoring within the Urban Sciences Building), the wider Science Central site, and the city, through the Urban Observatory sensor networks. Non-commercial data is open source and made available through the Urban Observatory. In addition to the water labs, there are digital, energy, transport and other research facilities, and demonstrators that enable understanding of interdependencies, co-benefits, tradeoffs, and system integration.

Type of Facility

  • Specialist, Pilot, large, Catchment scale demonstration, SuDS, live sites.


  •  Rainwater, Grey water, Flood management, Runoff water quality management.

Type of Technologies that can be tested


Availability For Use By Others

  • Willingness To Partner: UKCRIC is already a consortium of universities. We are keen to work across university and industry partners.
  • Ambitions For Development: A biodome and green roof testing facility are planned.
  • Mobile Pilot Plants: We have lots of sensors that can be moved.

Services and Capacity

Comments: There is one full scale swale, 100m of highly sensored SUDS trench, 10 lysimeters for experimental. A range of sizes, flows and controlled conditions can be set up.

Status of the Facility

  • Opening Autumn 2017.

Access to Facility

  • Available to others at cost.

Additional Assets

Regulatory issues / constraints


  • HEI.
Sponsored by: Scottish HydroNation