University of Portsmouth, Environmental Technology Field Station

The Environmental Technology Field Station (ETFS) is a unique testing facility on a Southern Water operational wastewater treatment site. At ETFS we can conduct a wide range of research projects from environmental monitoring to full scale assessment of pilot package sewage treatment plants.

Type of Facility


  •  Stream Quality: Wastewater, industrial.

Comments: The site treats the domestic sewage from 20,000 people in Petersfield and some industrial effluent.

Type of Technologies that can be tested


Availability For Use By Others

  • The ETFS provides a research station for university and industry collaboration in a real-world, operational context delivered by the provision of expert consultation, environmental monitoring, laboratory analysis and the training offered to water industry staff.
  • Cost Of Use By Others: Dependent on what they want to use it for. Please contact Fay Couceiro to find out more.
  • Willingness To Partner: Yes, we are very happy to collaborate with interested parties.
  • Ambitions For Development: The ETFS has recently become the site of Southern Water’s Innovation Hub for small works problems.
  • Mobile Pilot Plants: No.
  • Other Info: Examples of studies (i) P removal using media with passive filtration (ii) Fate studies of organic compounds in sewage (iii) Investigation of fats, oil and grease (FOG) deposit formation in sewers (iv) Novel sludge treatment systems.

Services and Capacity

Comments: All of these factors are dependent on what level of pretreatment of the sewage is required, e.g. raw, primary settled or final effluent. Please contact us for more details.

Status of the Facility

Access to Facility

  • Available to others.

Additional Assets

Contact details

Address: Environmental Technology Field Station, Petersfield Waste Water Treatment Plant, Durford Road, Petersfield, GU31 4EZ.


Contact Name: Fay Couceiro.

Contact Tel: 02392 842399.

Contact Email: [email protected]

Regulatory issues / constraints

  • No constraints – all discharge go to sewer.

Comments: All streams are returned to the head of the works to be fully treated before discharge so as not to jeopardise Southern Water’s consents.


  • HEI, private Company.
  • Funding Partners: The university funds the facilities in the laboratories while Southern Water maintain the actual wastewater treatment works.

Comments: The site is an operational Southern Water wastewater treatment works. The University of Portsmouth rents a part of the site to accommodate our laboratories and experimental rigs.

Sponsored by: Scottish HydroNation