Water and Cities

Where water provision and use are concerned, cities of the future face a whole range of major challenges- not only to meet fundamental needs in terms of water supply, wastewater treatment and drainage services, but also to safeguard water’s many indirect benefits in spheres such as health, wellbeing and biodiversity. Moreover, these goals need to be achieved while protecting the wider environment and ensuring cities’ resilience against extreme events such as flooding.

This task force, led by Graham Leeks of the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, aims 1) to promote water security and water management as a critical consideration in urban development and cities of the future 2) to identify the needs for research and innovation in ‘water and cities’ and 3) to influence and enable existing or new initiatives on water and cities – e.g. Innovate UK’s Cities Catapult and RCUK/Innovate UK’s Urban Living partnership.

The task force has members from industry e.g. ARUP, Atkins and CIRIA; academia from across engineering, social and environmental science disciplines, policy and regulation (local authorities, EA and Defra), and the government’s Foresight Future of Cities team.

A thoughtpiece commissioned by Foresight from this task force is available here

Details of the RCUK water and cities showcase organised by this task force is available here