WRc Large Flow Loop

This facility is used for the development
and testing of closed pipe flow meters,
cleaning and inspection systems.

flow rig

Facility comprises a closed loop network with a sump tank. Water is pumped around the loop using a pump with a variable speed drive. There is an above ground working section of over 40m long taking pipes between 40 and 400mm in diameter. Flow range is up to 120 l/s, pressure up to 7 bar. Rig is fully instrumented for flow, pressure and temperature. Various pipe configurations can be accommodated.

Type of Facility

  • Specialist facility.
  • Physical rigs.
  • Large facility.
  • Testing/demonstration facility.

Comments: Rig can be used for testing a wide range of pipe fittings as well as meters, including PRV’s, valves, flow conditioners etc. Types of test can include accuracy, head loss and assessment of other operational parameters.



  • Distribution.
  • Industrial.
  • Drinking water.
  • Other.

Other: Process instruments.

Comments: Mains water.

Type of Technologies that can be tested


  • Monitoring.
  • Measuring.
  • Sensing.
  • Other.

Other: Control.

Comments: Meters, valves, PRV’s, hydrants and other fittings – almost anything that would be fitted in, inserted into or attached onto a pipe!

Availability For Use By Others

WRc can quote to carry out testing on behalf of users or suppliers, or can hire the rig to clients for their own tests or demonstrations with technical support as required. 

Cost of Use By Others: Depends on type of testing and level of technical support required.

Willingness To Partner: Yes.

Ambitions For Development: Further extension of flow range, both at upper and lower end.

Mobile Pilot Plants: No.

Other Info: Has been used for: MCERTS testing of flowmeters, performance testing for PRV’s and hydrants, flow disturbance testing, testing of ancillary flow equipment, training and demonstrations, equipment development etc.

Services and Capacity


  • Flow rate :
    Up to 120 l/s.
  • Number of test units :
  • Power supply :
    240V mains and 3 phase 440V.
  • Other.

Other: Can access with a large lorry, but equipment may need to be offloaded by fork lift.

Status of the Facility


  • Currently operating and resourced with services, staff etc.

Access to Facility

  • Available to others at cost.
  • Commercial service offer.

Additional Assets

Wide range of bends, reducers and other fittings as well as pipes of different sizes and materials that allow very versatile test capability, e.g. disturbance tests for flowmeters, response to different pipe materials for instruments etc. Various other rigs on site for testing meters and fittings including large temperature bath, meter aging rig and small meter rig.



  • Research centre.
  • Private company.

Funding Partners: No.

Regulatory issues / constraints


Comments: Water normally recycled though can be bled off / replenished.

Contact details

Address: WRc plc, Frankland Road, Blagrove, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN5 8YF.

Website: www.wrcplc.co.uk

Contact Name: Andy Godley.

Contact Tel: 01793 865060.

Email: [email protected]

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