WRc Manhole Cover Wear Rigs

A rig for performing testing on manhole covers. Accelerated life testing can be performed with a variety of materials to allow the durability of the manhole cover to be ascertained. Skid testing can also be performed to understand the skid potential of the manhole cover.

Type of Facility

Comments: Rig can take different shape and size manholes.



Type of Technologies that can be tested


Availability For Use By Others

WRc can quote to carry out testing on behalf of users or suppliers, or can hire the rig to clients for their own tests or demonstrations with technical support as required.

Cost of Use By Others: Depends on type of testing and level of technical support required.

Willingness To Partner: Yes.

Mobile Pilot Plants: No.

Services and Capacity

Power supply: 240V mains and 3 phase 440V.

Test units: 1.

Status of the Facility

  • The facility is fully operational.

Access to Facility

  • Available to others.

Additional Assets

Contact details

Address: WRc plc, Frankland Road, Blagrove, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN5 8YF.

Website: www.wrcplc.co.uk

Regulatory issues / constraints


  • Private Company.
  • Funding Partners: No.
Sponsored by: Scottish HydroNation