The University of the Highlands and Islands – WaterHub

The University of the Highlands and Islands – WaterHub

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01463 279000
12b Ness Walk
Other Type of Organisation
Academic Institution
Areas of expertise - Professional Services
Water supply – Treatment, Wastewater – Treatment, General
Regions the organisation has experience working in
Eastern Europe & Central Asia, India, China
Regions the organisation is interested in working in
North America, Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Kazakstan, South Asia, India, China
Elevator Pitch (50 Word or Less)
The University of the Highlands and Island’s WaterHub addresses contemporary challenges in drinking water provision, wastewater treatment and resource management in rural and sparsely populated regions of Scotland, and in similar regions elsewhere in Europe and around the world.
Describe your business.
WaterHub draws on expertise from University locations around the Highlands and
Islands in the areas of:
• water analysis
• monitoring and assessment;
• water treatment and remediation and in
• integrated catchment management

The group will contribute to the enhancement of our natural and managed water resources bringing benefit to environmental quality, human health, and economic prosperity.

We aim to work with partners & collaborators to:
• develop innovative new products and services
• help them meet policy and regulatory challenges
• advance responsible water stewardship
• lower carbon footprints and to advance the low carbon economy
WaterHub is aligned with the aims of the Scottish Government’s National Performance Framework to:
• create a more successful country give opportunities to all people living in Scotland
• increase the wellbeing of people living in Scotland
• create sustainable and inclusive growth
• reduce inequalities and give equal importance to economic, environmental and social progress
Specifically it is Our work will be aligned with the first Scottish Government’s Hydro Nation
strategy as outlined in the Water Resources (Scotland) Act 2013 for Scottish Ministers “’ensuring the development of the value of Scotland’s water resources”.

Our objectives:
Position the UHI WaterHub as the recognised ‘centre of excellence’ in rural water innovation in Scotland
• Engage businesses, stakeholders and public sector agencies to understand their challenges and opportunities and to promote understanding of WaterHub expertise
• Support businesses, stakeholders and public sector agencies in achieving their innovation and development potential
• Improve the impact of UHI in promoting sustainability and inclusive growth in key sectors in the regional economy
• Be outward looking and internationally relevant – with focus on regions with similar spatial and socio-economic challenges
• Aid transitions to the ‘circular’ and ‘low carbon / net-zero’ economy in contribution to reducing carbon footprints and mitigating climate change
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07384 246263
  • The University of the Highlands and Islands – WaterHub