Water Resilient Places


The workstream has been set up in response to the concept of ‘Resilient Place’ becoming increasingly prominent in government and agency policy agendas across the UK and more widely.

The Future Water Resilient Places workstream will be led by a steering group comprising of Deryck Irving from Hydro Nation Chair, Charlie Stratford from UKCEH, the Department for Business and Trade, Tom Flood and Hans Jensen as directors of the UKWP, and potentially with support from the Welsh Government.

The workstream aims to address the concept of Resilient Place from a water sector perspective, with a focus on developing water-resilient solutions for new places.

Future Aims

The workstream will first aim to develop an agreed and shared understanding of what Resilient Place means from a water sector perspective. This will be done by building on the UKWP’s work on resilience and government and regulator policy frameworks.

Following this, the workstream will explore and develop place-based synergies and collaborations with key sectors such as professional institutions, practitioner forums, and policy makers across the UK.

Ultimately, the workstream aims to produce a thought leadership digital resource and associated policy resources will be co-developed with key sectors.

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