Using Wellbeing Impact in Asset Optioneering- Costain/Spring

This document outlines a collaborative project led by Costain, in partnership with the UK Water Partnership (UKWP) and several other stakeholders.

The project aims to measure and monetize the wellbeing impact of improving water quality through investments in combined Sewer Outfalls (CSOs).

This innovative approach integrates wellbeing considerations into business cases for water infrastructure, reflecting a broader view of value beyond traditional economic models. By using the WELLBY factor to quantify the impact on public wellbeing, the project seeks to enhance decision-making processes, align investments with societal benefits, and improve public trust in water services. The document emphasizes the need for a more comprehensive and standardised methodology across the water sector, highlighting the initial findings from surveys and case studies and outlining steps for further involvement and development.

Please read below if you would like to learn more about the project !

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