Water Wall in Motion

In March 2020,  Scotland’s Centre of Expertise in Waters (CREW), in partnership with SEFARI Gateway, SAGES and Scottish HEIs, opened a video competition to virtually engage Scotland’s water community and share contemporary views of the importance of water in research, management, innovation and recreation.  Videos were submitted to one of seven thematic areas and were captured online for […]

Pharmaceuticals and Water

Commissioned by the One Health Breakthrough Partnership (OHBP)  – a consortium of key regional and national stakeholders across the water, environment and healthcare sectors comprising Scottish Water, SEPA, NHS Highland, and the Environmental Research Institute-University of the Highlands and Islands – and supported by Scottish Government – the report represents the first national assessment of […]

WET Networks – Circular Water Economy

Water is a precious and finite resource, intrinsically linked with other systems such as governance, the natural system and the urban system. Water is the ultimate circular resource due to its ability to be processed relatively cheaply and used productively again and again. Circular Economy principles have undergone major developments and are being applied in […]

Equitable and Sustainable use of Groundwater

UCL are working with allied research institutions and stakeholder communities in tropical Africa and South Asia to explore pathways by which groundwater can be used not only to adapt to the amplification of floods and droughts brought about by climate change but also to help to realise by 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 6 […]

UKWP x British Water Event

A joint UK Water Partnership and British Water event was held on Monday, 29 November 2021 at HR Wallingford.  The event brought together water sector leaders from industry, academia and government, from across the UK and overseas to reflect on COP26 and question ‘How does business support society to better understand the transformation of services […]

Water and Circular Economy

At whatever point in the natural water cycle an organisation is placed, from supply to downstream use, to treatment or distribution, doing a better job of preserving usable water represents valuable efficiency gains and a healthier bottom line. With climate change will inevitably come issues associated with too much (increased risk of flooding) or too […]

Revealing the Innovation in Water Challenge successful entries…

Ofwat is pleased to announce the successful entries for the inaugural Innovation in Water Challenge (IWC)! An independent judging panel recommended 11 collaborative initiatives that will help transform water and wastewater services in England and Wales. The projects include innovations for leak detection, customer vulnerability, zero carbon, nature-based solutions to the climate crisis, asset resilience […]

New directory to promote UK’s water resilience capabilities worldwide

The UK Water Partnership (UKWP) is producing a new directory (link) to support the Department for International Trade (DIT) promote British expertise. The first of its kind, the ‘UK Water Capabilities Directory’ will be used to link British companies to international business leads, helping the UK’s water sector to go from strength-to-strength. From today, organisations […]

Water Sector Membership Organisations to Work Closer Together

Eight water sector membership organisations have agreed to work more closely together and collaborate around specific water-related challenges facing the UK. The agreement followed a survey sent to membership organisations active in the UK water sector which asked each organisation if there was any overlap or gaps between organisations, and whether the way membership organisations […]