Business Plan 2022/23

Water First Water is a precious resource that is essential to life on earth, and the global demand for clean, safe and accessible water is growing rapidly. The UK Water Partnership has developed a strategic vision to address the challenges of global water security and resilience. Our business plan, titled “Water First,” outlines our approach […]

Water Resilience White Paper

Capitalising on the commercial opportunities for UK plc The UK is in a strong position to help develop a water resilient future globally utilising its expertise, knowledge and global links. This paper provides an insight into the water resilience capability and expertise of UK organisations. It is intended to showcase where the UK’s experts, innovators […]

Tapping the Potential Report

The catalyst for the formation of the UK Water Partnership. For the first time, a wide-ranging group of water technology experts from research, policy and industry have come together. To analyse global market water technology opportunities, examine the UK’s relative position in this market and articulate how the UK can improve its performance. Aimed at […]

Digital Water

Driving Digital Innovation in the UK water sector The UK Water Partnership have launched an action plan to help UK plc win its share of the $30 billion digital revolution in water.  The digital revolution is transforming the water industry – and with that transformation comes tremendous commercial opportunities for UK plc. In response to […]