Water Simulators Meeting

30 January 2017 at STFC, RAL, Harwell Campus

A meeting between the Science & Technology Facilities Council  (STFC) and UKWP was held to build on the Urban Water Simulators workshop held in March 2016, this meeting aimed to discuss potential opportunities and the interests of participants in taking forwards the key recommendations and actions from the workshop in March 2016.

This report presents a summary of key points, in note form, from the presentations and working groups at the meeting.

Water Simulators Meeting 30 Jan 2017 – Report

Urban Simulators for Water Workshop report

The Future Visions for Water and Cities – A Thought Piece highlighted the potentially valuable role that simulators and demonstrators could play in developing, testing and evaluating innovative ideas that could shape water and cities.

The UK Water Partnership’s Water and Cities Task Force identified urban simulators for water as a key priority. The Science & Technology Facilities Council (STFC) led the action, sponsoring a workshop in March 2016 with experts from industry, government and academia.

The full workshop report is available for download below:


Sustainable Food, Farming and Water workshop event report

A diverse audience of around 120 people from industry, government, civil society organisations and the research community attended this NERC-sponsored UK Water Partnership event, which explored recommendations made in the UKWP reports on water and farming, led by Global Food Security champion Professor Tim Benton. . The aims of the workshop were to: explore new ways of working across sustainable food, farming and water; showcase good practice with case studies and identify remaining barriers to action and how to overcome these.

This event report captures key messages/opportunities and actions arising from the workshop:
Sustainable Food, Farming and Water workshop event report

Responding to water challenges with research

The research councils and Innovate UK invest £110m annually on multi-disciplinary water research which will benefit planners, policy-makers, businesses, community organisations. The research councils also work with the UK Water Partnership, which has brought together people across the UK water community to stimulate ideas and develop the products and services that will help solve future

This publication is a snapshot of some of the research that has already been funded. More information can be found on Gateway to Research (GtR)

Responding to water challenges with research (pdf)


Droughts and Floods: Towards a More Holistic Approach

Releasing the Full Value of UK Research

A report commissioned by the UK Water Partnership Research and Innovation Group

(Formerly the UK Water Research and Innovation Partnership)

July 2015


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Water in Future Cities: RCUK Water Showcase 2015

The aim of the showcase event Water in Future Cities was “Exploring visions for water in future cities and how research, business and policy can work together to make them real.” The event was set up to seek broader engagement and comment on the Future Visions for Water and Cities – A Thought Piece; showcase Research Councils UK (RCUK) research and engage a range of stakeholders in issues focused on water.


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Future Visions for Water and Cities: A Thought Piece

This paper has been prepared by UKWRIP’s Water and Cities Action Group at the invitation of the Expert Group advising the current Foresight ‘Future of Cities’ project. The project is identifying the opportunities and challenges that UK cities will face in future and need to embrace in order to be resilient, to be adaptable and to thrive.

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Water Efficient House of the Future report (Published 24 March 2015)



Water-Efficient-House-of-the-Future (pdf)

Farming and Water: Facing the Future Together

Farming and Water: Facing the Future Together report (Published 22 March 2015)

Synthesis Report: water-synthesis-report (pdf)



Farming and Water: Facing the Future Together

Farming and Water: Facing the Future Together

UK Water Partnership Launch Brochure

UK Water Partnership: A strategic vision for innovation and growth

Launched on 26 Feb 2015, the UK Water Partnership will be the key to unlocking a $500bn global water market and tackling water security issues though a strategic approach to research, innovation and global clients. Download the relevant attached files below:

The_UK_Partnership_brochure (pdf)